Temeda App 2.64: OEM Maintenance Templates and Scheduled Reports

OEM Maintenance Templates

In Temeda platform v2.64, we’ve added a new feature called “OEM Maintenance Templates”. OEM Maintenance Templates will help jumpstart your use of the maintenance module within Temeda.

Let’s face it…creating maintenance plans from scratch is not easy! With this new release, you can now choose from a library of pre-built OEM Maintenance Plans and add factory recommended maintenance schedules with the click of a button!

The Temeda app will automatically create the OEM recommended maintenance tasks, plans, and schedules…all you have to do is add Assets to the plans. When Assets become due for their scheduled maintenance, the Temeda app will notify you by displaying a wrench icon on the asset pop-up and the map, and by showing the overdue percentage on the Maintenance Status page. You can also setup alerts when maintenance is due or overdue – and you can choose to have those alerts notify your service techs via email or text message.

After performing your scheduled maintenance, your techs can use the Temeda web portal or the Temeda phone app to the log the service interval, add parts and labor costs, add service tech hours, and make any additional notes for the next service. Each asset’s service history is stored and displayed on the asset dashboard, and we add up parts/labor expenses to show the vehicle’s total lifetime maintenance costs.

Drill down even deeper into your maintenance operations with the Temeda Maintenance Dashboard. The Maintenance Dashboard gives service managers a high-level overview of your maintenance department and provides a simple visual display to analyze maintenance productivity, identify trends, track parts and labor costs, and see where improvements can be made to operate more effectively in your service department.

Temeda telematics automatically tracks your mileage and engine hours – which makes servicing your vehicles on time much easier – and helps keep your fleet running smoothly out in the field.

OEM Maintenance Templates

Maintenance Status Page

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Maintenance Dashboard

Maintenance Service Details Page

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Scheduled Reports Enhancements

In Temeda platform v2.64, we’ve made several enhancements to Scheduled Reports. Prior to this release, all scheduled reports would report on the prior days data. While that makes sense for some reports that run first thing in the morning…it doesn’t work well for reports that you want to schedule to run in the afternoon or evening.

With this new release, you can now choose to pull data from:

  • Previous Day (default)
  • Previous 24 Hours
  • Current Day Only

Schedule a Report Page

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