Temeda App 2.29: New Maintenance Due, Overdue, and Impact Detected alerts

Support for new telematics events:

In release version 2.29, we’ve added support for 2 new telematics events:

  • Impact Event
  • Freeze Frame Event

New Alerts

In release v2.29, we’ve added 4 new Alerts:

Maintenance Due and Maintenance Overdue – In addition to the existing Maintenance Due/Overdue alert, users can now be notified when an Asset is just “Due” or just “Overdue”. This will allow Alert Notifications to be routed to Service Techs when maintenance becomes Due. Additional Alerts for Maintenance Overdue can be routed differently to Service Managers to let them know that Maintenance was Due and now has become Overdue.

Impact Detected

Alerts can now be generated upon an Impact event.

Freeze Frame Detected

Alerts can now be generated upon a Freeze Frame diagnostic event. The alert will contain a list of information about various SPN/PGNs and their state at the time when the Freeze Frame trouble code event occurred.

Support for International Date formats:

In release v2.29, users can now set their date preference to “mm/dd/yyyy”, “dd/mm/yyyy”, or “yyyy/mm/dd” and all dates throughout the application and reports will reflect the user’s date format preference.


Recent Release Notes

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