We're a company created from the ground up to connect the industrial world.

Our Mission

We are creating a platform that connects your data, assets, equipment, jobs, people, and places. 

Our goal is to simplify and empower your business with  a single solution hub — so you can focus on what matters.

Our Story

Temeda was born out of the understanding that the industrial market needs broader insight into remote assets and operations. This understanding led us to create an industry-leading Industrial IoT platform to fit the needs of clients of all sizes. Designed from scratch to consume, translate and display a wide variety of vehicle and machine data, Temeda is leading the way in making Industry 4.0 a reality.

With experience that dates back to the origin of wireless machine communication, Temeda possesses deep, hands-on knowledge of the Industrial IoT to aid clients and partners in recognizing the full value of designing, deploying, and implementing such solutions.

There is no secret to our success. We have awesome technology and great people who put forth the extra effort to understand our client’s business and challenges. We help to bring the best possible solution for your needs and work with you to integrate the Temeda platform into your business operations.

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Temeda Today

Our Partners

Allied Communication
Fleet TLC
GPS of Texas
Janus Logistics
Ontrak Solutions
KORE Wireless
NOVA Mobile Systems, Inc.


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