Rail & Intermodal

The Rail and Intermodal markets offer unique challenges not experienced by many other industries. By combining operational, maintenance, and location data in a simple, easy-to-navigate, elegant UI, Temeda offers rail and intermodal clients increased business intelligence to improve operations.

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Improve Productivity

Monitor turn times and containers moved by combining asset location and a variety of sensors.

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Equipment Utilization

Monitor and report equipment idle and run time for each job site. Summarize job site utilization by day, by week, and by total job.

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Decrease Downtime

Keep your lift equipment and locomotives turning a profit and out of the shop. Real-time, remote visibility into asset health through Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), detailed maintenance requirements and access to historical maintenance data.

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Create asset-specific maintenance plans and schedules that cover all required maintenance for an asset's useful life. Abandon outdated data collection methods, such as manually tracked hours of use logs. Instead, capture actual engine hours harvested directly from your fleet.

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Minimize Risk & Increase Safety

Mitigate risk and increase operational efficiencies with a variety of remote, connected-camera solutions.

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Geofence-Based Reports & Alerts

Monitor critical location data used to inform management & dispatchers when, where, and how long vehicles have been in a specified location.

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Temeda’s comprehensive API suite allows external data to be consumed by Temeda and 3rd-party software applications such as dispatch, scheduling, work order management, and corporate ERP systems.

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