Temeda provides farms and ag rental firms with the information required to more efficiently run their business. Improve operations by capturing machine data such as Engine Hours, Jobsite Usage, and location from a variety of OEM and after-market monitored assets.
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Proof of Service

Receive hard evidence of when and where spreading and spraying has taken place. Provide proof to your clients or management with data collected from a variety of sensors.

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Improve Billing Accuracy

Monitor actual runtime and location of individual assets. Make billing timely, accurate and simple by adding your billing rates and grouping by customer job site.

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Decrease Downtime

Keep your machines in the field and out of the shop. Get real-time, remote visibility into asset health through Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s), detailed maintenance requirements and access to historical maintenance data.

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Equipment Utilization

Monitor and report equipment idle and run time for each job site. Summarize job site utilization by day, by week, and by total job.

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Minimize Losses

Guard against unauthorized usage and theft by using GPS location, geofences, and real-time alerts.

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