Services & Features

Temeda offers the industry’s broadest spectrum of support for asset management and visibility.

From a complete set of asset monitoring, tracking, and reporting options to pro assistance with everything from hardware selection and user training to custom ERP integration and feature development.

Temeda Professional Services

Telematics Hardware Selection

Ensure all of your assets are equipped with the correct hardware to pull the maximum amount of data available.

Asset Data availability

Identify and verify the data elements that are available on the machine based upon the make, model and year of the equipment.

Hardware device programming

Telematics devices can be enhanced to pull additional or unique data from an equipment type.

Installation Engineering

Ensure effective and reliable data from your equipment with high-quality hardware installation. Avoid common IoT equipment failures with our easy and clear installation process.

System Integration Support

Speed the integration of machine information into your systems and processes, increasing ROI with our system knowledge and best practices expertise.

Administrator Training / User Training

Speed up implementation, adoption, and product effectiveness by developing the knowledge and expertise of your in-house team leaders and experts.

Custom Capability / Feature Development

Custom dashboards, analytics, reports, and alerts can all be created to meet specific business needs.

Custom System Modifications

Companies don’t operate in a uniform manner; we tailor our tools to work the way you work.

ERP system integration

Gain direct electronic integration and data sharing with your ERP operating systems, enriching existing information and providing a platform that aggregates data from multiple sources.

White Label UI

Customize the Temeda UI to reflect your corporate identity.

Hardware Sale, Provisioning, Support

Vehicles Class 1 – 8

Pull valuable data from the vehicle OBD or JBus ports to support the full range of Temeda Reports and Alerts. Passenger cars, pick-up trucks, vans, and box trucks through Class 8 are covered.

Industrial Assets

Extract valuable data and provide visibility into your entire mixed fleet: from Skid Steers to Back Hoes, Gen Sets to Cranes.

Specialty Equipment

Integrate all vehicle types, including hostlers, locomotives, pumps, and street sweepers.

Sometimes-Powered Assets

Track assets when there is no power available, and get additional data when in use.

Unpowered Assets

See your trailers, containers, and other unpowered assets, where ever they are: on the ocean, in the mountains, on a job site, or in a yard.

Tools & Implements

Save time and money when you know where your tools are.

ELD System

Access a DOT-compliant ELD system that is easy to install and simple to use.


A full suite of camera options are integrated into the Temeda app, including driver, distracted driver, forward-facing, side and rear views.

AEMP Data Feed

Many OEM’s provide factory-equipped telematics hardware whose data can feed directly into the Temeda Platform.

Value Propositions – Constellations of Solutions

Material Tracking & Logistics

Maintain real-time locations of materials to help optimize your supply chain.

Real-Time Monitoring & Control

Know your machines are operating correctly with ongoing report and alert functions.

Proactive Asset Performance

Combine machine operations and diagnostic trouble codes to identify defects and resolve small issues before they become big issues.


Set and monitor machine operation to detect variance from standards.


Improve operator safety with software designed to record and track unsafe vehicle use.

Equipment Management

Monitor critical operating parameters, provide fuel management, and ensure comprehensive equipment maintenance.

Manpower Optimization

Plan work to be done, measure actual work performed, and address opportunities to improve.

Asset Life Cycle Management

Know how your asset is being utilized and maintained, with comprehensive maintenance designed to record the entire useful life of your equipment.

App Interface Features


A broad range of dashboards are available, including summary analytics for utilization, alerts, and maintenance.


View dozens of reports that provide detailed insight into asset performance.


Set a wide range of user-defined alerts, such as machine-generated DTCs, off-hours usage, and more.


Know where your assets are at every given moment.


Our built-in comprehensive maintenance application is based upon OEM Best Practice guidelines.


DOT-Compliant ELD is supported.


Real-time reports, alerts, and performance monitoring is key to asset utilization and optimization.


A complete suite of camera options is integrated into the app, including distracted driver monitoring and LiveLook video steaming capabilities.


Our mobile app that helps remote workers easily track their on / off hours and work code.

Check-In / Check-Out

Create custom check lists, add photos, and maintain inspection records for your rental equipment.

Mobile App

Our free mobile app brings every capability of the Temeda UI directly to your fingertips.
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