Safety & Compliance

Keep your workers safe, and simplify legal compliance.

Improve operator safety with software designed to record and track unsafe vehicle use.

Driver Safety

Keep your drivers safe. Get insights from data and alerts to help you address habits before they become problems.

Driver scorecards

Understand how your drivers are driving, with a variety of useful metrics in one place. Learn more about Temeda's safety reports.

Operator alerts

Address problems when they happen. Get notified when your vehicles exceed a speed limit on the road, or a max speed within a worksite.


Keep your logs up-to-date with access to our DOT-compliant ELD system. Features are easy to use and setup is simple.


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Automatic sync

Operators can complete inspections anywhere, and results are automatically synced to the asset. Manage all your Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports in one place.

Mobile app

Complete pre- and post-inspections from the mobile app, and view the results anywhere.

Integrated Cameras

Distracted driving

Understand how your drivers are paying attention to the road with the integrated suite of cameras: in-cab, front-view, rear-view, and many other angles are available.

Erratic driving

Use video evidence to address or clear incidents of erratic driving.

Shock alerts and recordings

Understand the situation surrounding a shock or collision incident, and reduce false claims with video evidence. Cameras automatically save video clips before and after any event, including harsh acceleration, impact, or harsh braking.

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