Construction & Heavy Equipment

Companies that utilize construction and heavy equipment have a wide variety of assets, often spread over large geographic areas: yards, sites, and facilities. Temeda has the expertise to extract the needed data from your entire mixed fleet and provide intelligent insights into critical performance metrics.

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Equipment Utilization

Monitor and report equipment idle and run time for each job site. Summarize job site utilization by day, by week, and by total job.

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Job Costing

Add equipment billing rate to create real-time cost reporting and facilitate customer invoicing.

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Create asset-specific maintenance plans and schedules that cover all required maintenance for an asset's useful life. Abandon outdated data collection methods, such as manually tracked hours of use logs. Instead, capture actual engine hours harvested directly from your fleet.

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Alerts, Sensor Data, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

Utilize a robust set of Alerts for operator safety, unauthorized usage, and more. Sensor data provides insight into machine operation, and DTCs warn of potential problems that can impact cost and utilization.

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AEMP Data Feeds

Integrate OEM-generated AEMP data with the Temeda platform, providing a single-screen view of all your assets.

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Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface

The Temeda app has been designed to be simple, intuitive and powerful. Dashboards and reports provide timely information location, usage, utilization, performance, and maintenance.

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Temeda’s comprehensive API suite allows external data to be consumed by Temeda and 3rd-party software applications such as dispatch, scheduling, work order management, and corporate ERP systems.

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Project Case Study:
Heavy Equipment Services, Inc.

"Temeda put one of their web experts in touch with our software team to enhance data collection efforts with data from their APIs. I want to work with a company that helps me with my business, and Temeda has done that every time we have asked."

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