Reduce downtime and get the most out of your equipment.

Know how your assets are being utilized and maintained, with a comprehensive maintenance module designed to record the entire useful life of your equipment.

Your Data, in Dashboards

Access all your records in one place, and use powerful data dashboards to easily find trends in your data.

Vehicle Health

Combine machine operations and diagnostic trouble codes to identify defects and resolve small issues before they become big issues. 


View all asset and fleet DTCs in one place, translated to plain English and with information on criticality.

Service intervals

Schedule maintenance based on the most relevant engine data, and whether it needs to be done at fixed intervals or based off of last maintenance. Keep track of which of your assets need maintenance, with customizable Due/Overdue dates.

Service logs

Keep track of your maintenance records in our secure databases. Access an asset's repair and maintenance records, or view your entire fleet.

DVIR & Inspections

Automatic sync

Complete inspections with any user, from any device, and results are automatically synced to the asset.

Mobile app

Operators can complete pre- and post-inspections from the mobile app, and view the results anywhere.

Integrated DVIR support

Use our DOT-compliant inspections module. DVIRs are stored on-demand for 1 year, and on request for 5 years. Standard inspection templates are included — and you can easily create your own template.

OEM and custom maintenance templates

Make use of Temeda’s library of common OEM maintenance templates, and our ability to import any OEM template you need.

Have a unique maintenance requirement? Create your own template. You can create a custom maintenance list or schedule, and apply it to any asset or group that needs it. Learn more  
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