Equipment Rental

For equipment rental firms, understanding the location of equipment, knowing when it is being operated, and ensuring that it is maintained properly is vital to effective fleet management and billing.

Equipment is often sourced from a wide variety of OEMs and can range in age from brand-new to decades-old, so extracting needed information is often a challenge. Temeda has the knowledge and expertise to collect data from virtually any asset, providing a single unified view to support your operations, billing, and maintenance needs.

With these tools, visibility and automation are increased and complexity is decreased. Record-keeping becomes automatic, asset locations become known, and billing by runtime is built-in.

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Improve Billing Accuracy

Monitor actual runtime and location of individual assets. Make billing timely, accurate and simple by adding your billing rates and grouping by customer job site.

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Increase Fleet Utilization

Monitoring, measuring, and reporting utilization keeps your fleet rented and generating revenue, not sitting in the yard.

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Decrease Downtime

Get real-time, remote visibility into asset health through Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), detailed maintenance requirements, and access to historical maintenance data. Keep your machines in the field and out of the shop.

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Create asset-specific maintenance plans and schedules that cover all required maintenance for an asset's useful life. Abandon outdated data collection methods, such as manually tracked hours of use logs. Instead, capture actual engine hours harvested directly from your fleet.

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Minimize Losses

Guard against unauthorized usage and theft by using GPS location, geofences, and real-time alerts.

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Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface

The Temeda app has been designed to be simple, intuitive and powerful. Dashboards and reports provide timely information location, usage, utilization, performance, and maintenance.

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Temeda’s comprehensive API suite allows external data to be consumed by Temeda and 3rd-party software applications such as dispatch, scheduling, work order management, and corporate ERP systems.

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Project Case Study:
Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc.

Shawmut ExteriorShawmut Equipment Company, Inc., a respected, New England-based equipment rental and support firm, supplies its customers with cranes, boom trucks and other heavy equipment. With 60 years in the equipment rental business, Shawmut serves industries ranging from construction to wind power. Before Temeda, Shawmut had been using logistics technology that was lacking in accuracy and innovation, but management knew they would benefit from a more robust equipment status and alerts flow.
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