Create a fleet management solution that works and grows with you

The Industrial IoT Platform for Integrated Fleet Management

Temeda transforms data from your fleet of mobile and remote assets into valuable information to help your company make and save money.

With experience that dates back to the origin of wireless machine communication, Temeda possesses deep, hands-on knowledge of the Industrial IoT to aid clients and partners in recognizing the full value of designing, deploying, and implementing solutions.

How our customers have achieved business improvements:

Maintenance cost reduction

With Temeda’s frequent and accurate hour meter reporting, reduce instances of overmaintaining preventative maintenance.

Increase in fleet utilization
15 %

Using the Temeda Job Site Utilization Report, equipment managers gain a deeper understanding of how their equipment is being used on the job site.

Productivity improvement
1 %

Our customers have been able to effectively deploy staff and increase productivity, via improved visibility and insight of equipment on job sites.

Transform your data into intelligence


Shawmut Equipment

“We wanted GPS location, hours, geofencing and other information, but what really excited us was Temeda’s ability to strengthen our customer service and preventive maintenance programs.”

Kate Costelloe

Marketing Director, Shawmut

What can you do with Temeda?

Custom Alerts and Reports

Use the alerts and reports that help you run your business . effectively. Choose from Temeda's wide range of reports and understand your equipment.

Asset Tracking

Track all of your equipment in one place: on-road and off-road, powered and unpowered. Anything that you want to track can be tracked.

APIs, Integrations and Customizations

Robust inbound and outbound APIs let you connect your data to and from other applications. Powerful customization options mean that you can create integrations for anything you need.

Adjustable Range of Solutions

Temeda’s built-in flexibility means that you won’t have to switch to another solution as your company grows and changes. Start with a turnkey, off-the-shelf setup — or a branded system that integrates custom data elements. Easily adjust the system to your changing business needs.

Maintenance Schedules

Set up maintenance schedules for your equipment and keep your equipment running smoothly. Import OEM maintenance schedules, or create custom inspections for anything you need. DTCs send alerts in plain English, so you know when you can keep going.

Access Anywhere

Robust browser and phone apps let you manage your fleet from any place, any time. Work in the way that works for your business — complete inspections on a phone and manage work sites on a computer (or vice versa)!

Build a solution that fits your business.

There is no one-size-fits-all telematics solution. Temeda’s flexible setup can help you craft a solution that meets all your business needs.

Case Studies

Shawmut Exterior
Case Studies

Project Case Study: Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc. had been in business for 60 years, but was using logistics technology that was lacking in accuracy and innovation.

They knew they would benefit from a more robust equipment status and alerts flow, but weren’t sure if there was a company that could handle the wide variety of equipment in their fleet.

Read the full story »

Our Partners


“Temeda put one of their web experts in touch with our software team to enhance data collection efforts with data from their APIs. I want to work with a company that helps me with my business, and Temeda has done that every time we have asked.”

Greg Peet

President, Heavy Equipment Services

Executive Committee, AEMP

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