Project Case Study: Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc.

Shawmut ExteriorShawmut Equipment Company, Inc., a respected, New England-based equipment rental and support firm, supplies its customers with cranes, boom trucks and other heavy equipment. With 60 years in the equipment rental business, Shawmut serves industries ranging from construction to wind power. Before Temeda, Shawmut had been using logistics technology that was lacking in accuracy and innovation, but management knew they would benefit from a more robust equipment status and alerts flow.

Today, Temeda is empowering Shawmut with an array of data, from diagnostics to odometer readings, GPS coordinates and other valuable details. This intelligence flows directly into the Temeda solution — and then into Shawmut management’s hands in the form of robust reporting, multi-layered condition analysis and more.

We saw the product and it was just what we were looking for. We wanted GPS location, hours, geofencing and other information, but what really excited us was Temeda’s ability to strengthen our customer service and preventive maintenance programs

Shawmut Marketing Director Kate Costelloe

Dedication to Excellence

Another aspect of Temeda that impressed Costelloe is their dedication to customer service. “I never know what equipment will come into our fleet next, from a rental standpoint,” she says. “The customer service overall has been excellent. I have really come to trust the customer service team at Temeda and appreciate their quick response time.”

She saves special praise for Temeda Vice President Scott Barnes, who she says has gone overboard to ensure Shawmut’s satisfaction. “Scott showed me how to upload a maintenance list into the system so we can track what components were replaced and when, and what needs to be done on certain service intervals,” says Costelloe.

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