Transportation & Logistics

Faced with mission-critical compliance mandates, many of which vary from state to state — and even city to city — transportation and logistics firms can’t afford not to have all their relevant data at their fingertips. Temeda analyzes and visualizes your data in a format that is easy to digest and interpret.

Temeda’s transportation and logistics solutions offer fleet owners and operators valuable insight into fleet operating efficiency, maintenance effectiveness and cost, operator safety, and regulatory compliance. We provide comprehensive vehicle monitoring, along with a large suite of customizable reports and alerts.

Temeda has the tools to mine and protect the information you need to run your business smoothly. Whether you are a service business that needs to reduce operating cost and fuel usage, a trucking and transportation company requiring DOT/FMCSA compliance for their drivers, or a local delivery business needing to equip vehicle safety cameras to safeguard their drivers in the event of an accident: we can give you the data you need.

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ELD-Compliant Vehicle Solution

Temeda's all-in-one dashboard-mounted GPS tablet is hardwired directly to the vehicles’ ECM, and includes our simple, easy-to-use driver application.

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Driver Safety Scorecard

Monitor how safely drivers operate their vehicles. Review color-coded alerts based on risk and severity level.

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Trailer & Container Tracking

Always know where your assets are located so you can better plan where they need to be. Maintain visibility of all your trailers and containers with battery-powered GPS tracking solutions.

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Fully-Realized Maintenance Module

Track all maintenance due, overdue, and performed on company vehicles.

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Geofence-Based Reports & Alerts

Monitor critical location data used to inform management & dispatchers when, where, and how long vehicles have been in a specified location.

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Inside/Outside Vehicle-Mounted Safety Cameras

Protect your drivers and the vehicles they operate, with Temeda's connected camera solutions. Check in at any time with live-stream video, and automatically receive alerts and recordings of G-force events.

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FMCSA Mandate Compliance

Protect yourself, your cargo, and your customers with Temeda's unique temperature tracking solution. We provide real-time monitoring, alerting, and recording of transport container temperatures to prove your load was in compliance.

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Project Example: Food Transportation Customer

Perishable products, such as food and vaccines, are among the most heavily-regulated commodities. Yet, they often must travel for long distances, making transportation logistics complicated.

Temeda worked closely with several leading carriers to develop a real-time monitoring, reporting and alerting solution that enables them not only to ensure temperatures meet required thresholds but also to prove that a load was in compliance for its entire journey. 
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