Coming Soon – New and Improved Look

The Temeda web portal is getting a more modern look & feel! Our design team has collaborated with our product development team to redesign and update the overall look of the Temeda web portal. We are leveraging industry-best User Experience (UX) practices to improve usability and give the app a more modern look & feel. Respecting existing functionality of the system, the enhanced design strives to create an intuitive experience, guiding user attention to the most critical information on the page.

The new and improved design focuses on drawing the eye to the important areas of the page using simple and clean colors and fonts. The navigation icons have been redesigned to focus on the meaning behind each symbol and provides a consistent visual experience.

Over the coming months in future phases, we will continue to release other User Experience enhancements throughout the entire web portal and mobile apps…stay tuned!

The following components have been redesigned in this first phase:

  • Menu/Navigation: The top menu has been replaced with a left navigation menu to allow more room for future menu items and new capabilities. It is also collapsible, giving you more room to view the map.
  • Icons/Fonts: Icons and fonts have been replaced with more modern designs.
  • Accordion: We’ve moved the accordion from the right side to the left to make it easier to read, search, and select the vehicles and equipment you are looking for.
  • History Trail: We’ve moved the history trail details from the right side to the left to make it easier to read, search and select events from the vehicle’s history.
  • Reports/Maintenance: We’ve moved the Reports and Maintenance menus from the top to the left to make it easier to read and make selections.

Map View with new top and left-side menus/navigation:


The new left-side navigation menu:


The new left-side Accordion menu:



The new left-side History Trail events page:


The new left-side Maintenance menu:


The new left-side Reports menu:


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