Temeda App 2.59: Safety Inspections – Monitor Status and New Alert

Safety Inspections: Monitor Status & New Alert

In Temeda platform v2.59 we have released several enhancements to our Maintenance Safety Inspections module. With the help of customer feedback, we have created a new Inspection status called “Monitor”. With this new release, when an operator/driver is conducting a daily safety inspection, the inspector now has the ability to “Monitor” a particular inspection item – instead of just “Pass” or “Fail”. This will allow other operators and fleet managers to keep an eye on any potential safety risks on equipment in the field.

We have also added a new Alert called “Asset Inspection – Monitor” that will trigger when an Inspection is submitted with a Monitor task state. This alert can be combined with the “Asset Inspection – Failed” alert to keep track of all failed inspections as well as assets that should be monitored. All alerts will be displayed in the app, and users may also configure alert notifications to be delivered via email, text message, and/or webhook.

Lastly, we have added the ability to make an Inspection Task “required” – which will force the inspector to fill out the comments section of the inspection task. This is useful for making sure operators enter specific information while performing an inspection. A good example of this new feature is to create an Inspection Task called “Enter the current machine hours”. Then add the new task to an Inspection Type and every inspection will require an entry for machine hours in order to submit the inspection.

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