Temeda App 2.50.6: Driver assignment via inspections, Proemion & Positrace Integrations

Driver Assignment via Inspections

In Temeda Phone App v2.5 and web portal v2.50.6 we’ve added a new feature called “Driver Assignment via Inspections”. This feature allows you to assign a driver/operator to an Asset while performing an Inspection. The Inspection process within our Maintenance module provides a tool to perform daily equipment and vehicle safety inspections in the field using your phone. Now you can save a step when assigning operators to equipment…and make the asset assignment right from the inspection process.

This feature is also available on the Temeda web portal and on your smartphone. Go to Apple’s App Store or Google Play to download the latest version of the Temeda App.

Driver/Operator assignment via Inspections on the Temeda Phone App

Driver/Operator assignment via Inspections on the Temeda Web Portal

Asset Driver History tab on the Temeda Web Portal


Proemion v1 & Positrace API Integrations

In Temeda platform v2.50.6 we’ve added 2 new API integrations: Proemion and Positrace. Customers who have invested in Proemion and/or Positrace solutions can now bring in the asset information from these external sources onto the Temeda platform. This is another example of how Temeda provides a single user experience for your mixed fleet of vehicles, equipment, and various OEM or 3rd party telematics solutions.

Recent Release Notes

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