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Temeda App v2.20: Support for up to 8 cameras and new Activity Detail with Stops report

Support for up to 8 Cameras and 10 minutes of video

In release version 2.20, we’ve expanded our on-board camera solution to support up to 8 cameras and up to 10 minutes of video recordings. Our camera partner, SmartWitness, has 2 new cameras models available that integrate seamlessly into your TeMeDa asset tracking account:

  1. SmartWitness CP4: up to 4 cameras and up to 2 minutes of video
  2. SmartWitness CRX: up to 8 cameras and up to 10 minutes of video

When requesting video, users now have a slider available to choose the length of video in seconds/minutes depending upon the camera model.

New Report: Activity Detail with Stops:

In release v2.20, we’ve added a new report: Activity Detail with Stops. The Activity Detail with Stops report will show the events that occurred for the Assets and date range you selected. The report calculates the total number of stops per asset, and color codes/highlights stops into 3 levels based on the length of the stop: 3-15 minutes, 15-60 minutes, and 60+ minutes. The report also summarizes the distance traveled, time in motion and other important information about your assets in a table at the top of the report.


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