Temeda App 2.2.3: Maintenance 2.0

Temeda App 2.2.3 launching this week!

New Maintenance 2.0 Video Tutorials

Non-Powered Asset Tracking via MC-1 telematics device:

MC-1ification Screenshot

  • Display the Telematics Device Battery Percentage and colored graphic in the Asset Popup (Asset Tab).
  • Display Battery Voltage value in the Asset Popup (Detail Tab).
  • Display Temp Sensor value in the Asset Popup (Detail Tab).
  • Added alerts for Telematics device battery Percent, battery voltage, and device temperature low/high.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for weekly/monthly reports that were getting sent every day, will now only send weekly or monthly.
  • Added ability to create a Task on the fly while editing or adding a Plan.
  • Allow admin users the ability to view, filter, and export a list of the customer’s Unassigned Devices.
  • Fix to only export filtered data, not entire list.
  • Updated Temeda email templates, replaced reference to “MRM” with “Temeda App”.
  • Fixed bug on Internet Explorer that would not users edit a Plan and Save.
  • Added additional support for Calamp 3030 device.
  • Enhancements to make Maintenance pages more user friendly on mobile devices.
  • Fix for filtering camera events on a mobile device.
  • Improved User Experience and menu navigation within reporting for desktop and mobile users.

Recent Release Notes

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