Temeda App 2.18: Timesheets, weather map overlay


In release v2.18, we’ve added a new “Timesheets” feature. Timesheets provides an easy way to keep track of employee time, including working hours, breaks, travel time, off hours, and vacation time. Each employee is setup as an Asset with a confidential UserId and password. An employee can then use the TeMeDa phone app to select a custom Job and then “clock in”, “take a break” or “clock out”. The app will display a History Trail of when and where the employee worked and traveled, and will automatically calculate mileage.

Since each employee is an Asset, you can create Alerts and Locations in the app and view your employee assets along with your vehicles and equipment. Admins in the TeMeDa web portal can then select and view all employee Timesheets to view work hour totals. Timesheets can be exported to Excel to assist with payroll and other time tracking systems.

Timesheet tile on Home screen. Clock In, Break, Clock Out
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History Trail Timesheet Summary
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Weather Map Overlay

We’ve added a Weather Map icon that displays the temperature and radar as an overlay on the Asset map.

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