Temeda App 2.16.0: Driving over the Speed Limit Alerts, Driver Safety Scorecard

Speed Limit Alerts

In Release v2.16, we’ve added the ability to set up Speed Limit Alerts for vehicles traveling over the legally posted speed limit. Speed Limit Alerts can be created for individual Assets, Groups, or the entire company. Each Speed Limit Alert requires a speed threshold amount over the legal speed limit.

For example, you can create a Speed Limit Alert for a Group named “Service Trucks” when speeding 10 mph over the legal speed limit. If a service truck drives 46 mph in a 35 mph zone, an alert will be triggered.

Like all Alerts, the Speed Limit Alert can be constrained to a work schedule, may have frequency and notification limits, and can be configured to send an email or sms text message notification.

IMPORTANT: Speed Limit violations are triggered near real-time when 2 consecutive GPS “In Motion” reports are received from the Asset’s telematics device – and the speed on both reports is over the posted speed limit for each location.

Setting up a Speed Limit Alert:

NOTE: Posted speed limits are determined by Google® and may be inaccurate or outdated.

Driver Safety Scorecard

We’ve added “Speed Limit” Events to the Driver Safety Scorecard Report. Assets that are configured for Speed Limit alerts will be tracked for Speed Limit violations. When running the Driver Safety Scorecard Report, you can now enter a “Driving over Speed Limit Threshold” amount. Vehicles traveling faster than the entered amount will appear on the report. Speed Limit occurrences will be used against the Asset/Driver when determining the Driver Safety Scorecard. A Driver’s score is determined by the # of driver safety events per 100 miles driven for all safety events. There are now 5 types of events used in the Driver Safety Scorecard:

  1. Harsh Braking
  2. Harsh Acceleration
  3. Harsh Maneuver
  4. Top Speed
  5. Driving Over Speed Limit (new)

NOTE: You must include an Asset in a Speed Limit Alert in order to track Speed Limit violations used in the Driver Safety Scorecard Reports.

Driver Safety Scorecard – Report Selection:

Driver Safety Scorecard:

Driver Safety Scorecard Detail:

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