Temeda App 2.0.5: Engine Hours, Job Site Utilization Report, Find Nearest Asset

Engine Hours in 2.0.5

  • UI Flag to indicate if Engine Hours source should come from Engine BUS or Telematics Device
  • Engine Time report exports summary of engine hours
  • Added Engine Hours to Group Status Report
  • Added Engine Hours to Engine Time Report
  • Added Engine Hours to Activity Detail Report
  • Added Engine Hours to Begin/End Day Report
  • Added Engine Hours to Fleet Summary Report
  • Added Engine Hours to Start/Stop Report

Find Nearest Asset

  • Find Nearest Asset from Popup, Location, or Map

New Job Site Utilization Report

  • Job Site Utilization Report – summary of Engine Time/Billing Amount within a Location for selected time period

Custom Asset Images

  • Add ability to download account level asset images

Customer Enhancements

  • Bug Fix – Job Site Utilization By Week Report – Invalid data for long-running assets was fixed

  • Bug Fix – Alerts, user cannot schedule an alert for Inside or Outside business hours

  • Bug Fix – Popup does not display when Get Directions is open

  • Bug Fix – User cannot select a custom image for an asset

  • Bug Fix – User cannot see the map when printing from the browser.

  • Bug Fix – SuperUser cannot run Quick Reports when impersonating.

  • Bug Fix – Sensors do not appear in Popup for Account Hierarchy, parent / child customers

  • Bug Fix – Maintenance Schedule – system would allow a user to add a schedule without entering due/overdue thresholds.

  • Bug Fix – Customer Administrator can now view/edit all Scheduled Reports for that Customer.

Recent Release Notes

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