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Release Notes

Temeda App 2.2.0

Temeda App 2.2.0: Camera and Maintenance

The Temeda App 2.2.0 release includes the following major upgrades: Maintenance 2.0 Video Event Data Recorder 1.0 Maintenance 2.0 Release Notes: The Temeda Maintenance module has been completely reworked to allow for a more flexible and powerful preventive maintenance and

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App 2.0 Release Notes

Temeda App 2.0: UI Improvements

Section 1. General Improvements Base App Menu navigation bar, Accordion, GUT and Grid have been re-skinned Back end update to speed Temeda app Mobile Device App 2.0 has responsive design upgrades throughout the application The GUT has been removed when viewing the site

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Recent Release Notes

OAuth 2.0 for API Authentication

Temeda has ensured our API Portal authentication security is up-to-date with OAuth 2.0. OAuth is the authentication mechanism used to provide you and your web developers secure delegated access to

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