Release Notes

2.11.0 Release Demo

Temeda App 2.11.0: Hierarchy, New Alerts, API

Table of Contents Account Hierarchy 1 User Impersonation Primary Asset New Alert: “Location Time-Limit Exceeded” New Alert: “Location In/Out” Temeda API Portal – Production Release Barcode Scanner in smartphone apps Account Hierarchy 1 In Temeda app v2.11 we have added

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Temeda Native App Overview

Temeda Mobile App 1.0 and Temeda App 2.10.0

Overview Introduction: Temeda Native App version 1.0 for mobile is here! Harness the power of Temeda vehicle and asset management in the palm of your hand! Description: Temeda is an asset tracking, monitoring and management solution for a wide variety

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History Trail Snapshot

Temeda App 2.9.0: Reports, Cameras, and ELD

Smart Witness Camera Enhancements History Trail Snapshot and Video Retrieval To help make it easier to find specific video footage of a past event, Fleet Managers can now pull up the History Trail for a SmartWitness camera Asset, then select

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Temeda App 2.8.0: Reports, Asset Source

Release Summary: Source Settings for Odometer, Engine Hours, Speed. Reporting Enhancements & New Idle by RPM Report UI Scalability Enhancements Release Features: Source Settings: There is a new tab on the Asset Detail page called “Source Settings”. From this tab,

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Driver Safety Demo

Temeda App 2.7.0: Driver Safety

Driver Safety: Temeda 2.7.0 release is all about Driver Safety and Driver Behavior.  Temeda 2.7.0 offers insights into how your assets are being used by operators and drivers.  Ensure your Drivers Operators are working with optimal efficiency and in a

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Driver List

Temeda App 2.6.0: Driver

Temeda App 2.6.0 allows administrators the ability to add, edit and delete Drivers and to assign these Drivers to your Assets. This feature is useful for customers that want a simple way to view the status of their Assets along

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Recent Release Notes

OAuth 2.0 for API Authentication

Temeda has ensured our API Portal authentication security is up-to-date with OAuth 2.0. OAuth is the authentication mechanism used to provide you and your web developers secure delegated access to

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User Activity Dashboard

At Temeda, our objective is to help you achieve your goals: operating your fleets more efficiently, improving safety, minimizing downtime, maximizing utilization, reducing costs, or any other goal for your

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