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Release Notes


Temeda App 2.14

Hierarchy Reports We’ve added Account Hierarchy to Reports. This allows customers to run reports by one or more Account Hierarchy levels. For example, an account is configured with 3 hierarchy levels, the top parent company, East and West Regions, and

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Virtual Odometer

Temeda App 2.13.3

SmartWitness Virtual Odometer We’ve added virtual odometer to the SmartWitness line of telematics devices/cameras. Now the SmartWitness device will automatically calculate the distance each asset has driven throughout the day. Users can initialize the odometer on the Asset Detail page

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Hierarchy Examples

Temeda App 2.12.0

Table of Contents Account Hierarchy – 5 Levels (part 2 of 3) Asset Detail – added ability to edit Hierarchy New Alert: Time Limit Exceeded and No Movement outside Location(s) Locations, Zones, Projects – set Active or Inactive Locations on

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Smartphone App 1.1.3

Smartphone App 1.1.3

Maintenance Logs You can now Log Maintenance from within the app and view the Tasks associated with each service interval. We’ve added a view to see the Service History for each Asset, and you can view the Total Cost of

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Temeda Mobile App 1.1.3

Maintenance Logs: You can now Log Maintenance from within the app and view the Tasks associated with each service interval. We’ve added a view to see the Service History for each Asset, and you can view the Total Cost of

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2.11.0 Release Demo

Temeda App 2.11.0

Table of Contents Account Hierarchy 1 User Impersonation Primary Asset New Alert: “Location Time-Limit Exceeded” New Alert: “Location In/Out” Temeda API Portal – Production Release Barcode Scanner in smartphone apps Account Hierarchy 1 In Temeda app v2.11 we have added

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Temeda Native App Overview

Temeda Native App 1.0 and Temeda App 2.10.0

Overview Introduction: Temeda Native App version 1.0 for mobile is here! Harness the power of Temeda vehicle and asset management in the palm of your hand! Description: Temeda is an asset tracking, monitoring and management solution for a wide variety

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History Trail Snapshot

Temeda App 2.9.0

Table of Contents SmartWitness Camera Enhancements: History Trail Snapshot and Video Retrieval History Trail – Snapshot Viewer Live Look Live Look Viewer Severe Shock Events and Alerts Calamp 4230 DTC Events (JPOD2) for ELD Solution New Report: Asset Utilization by

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Temeda App 2.8.0

Release Summary: Source Settings for Odometer, Engine Hours, Speed. Reporting Enhancements & New Idle by RPM Report UI Scalability Enhancements Release Features: Source Settings: There is a new tab on the Asset Detail page called “Source Settings”. From this tab,

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Driver Safety Demo

Temeda App 2.7.0

Driver Safety: Temeda 2.7.0 release is all about Driver Safety and Driver Behavior.  Temeda 2.7.0 offers insights into how your assets are being used by operators and drivers.  Ensure your Drivers Operators are working with optimal efficiency and in a

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Recent Release Notes

Temeda App 2.51.4

RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS: AEMP 2.0 Support for OEMs (ISO-15143-3) Alert: Inspection Failed Phone App v2.5.2 – Alerts: add, edit, delete   AEMP 2.0 Support for OEMs

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Temeda Web App v2.51

Temeda’s web app has four main releases, as of June 1, 2020. Flexible Hierarchy Speeding inside a Geofence Alert Notifications renamed to Contacts Login Page

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Temeda Introduces New Vehicle and Equipment Inspection Feature for Fleet Managers and Operators

Chicago, IL – December 11, 2019 – Temeda, a Chicago area Industrial Internet of Things solutions provider, has introduced a new feature to its telematics application that promises to drastically decrease paperwork and provide immediate access to maintenance records. The new Vehicle and Equipment Inspection feature allows operators in the field to perform inspections from anywhere and submit them immediately. Temeda’s fully DOT compliant software solutions help commercial and industrial firms capture and utilize business intelligence for total lifecycle management, productivity optimization and operating cost minimization.

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We are pleased to introduce a new maintenance feature: Vehicle and Equipment Inspections! Modernize your vehicle inspection process, and get access to all your vehicle

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