Temeda App 2.5.0: Mobile-friendly browsing, Temperature Sensors

Temeda App 2.5.0

Mobile Friendly, Phase 1

Temeda App version 2.5.0 provides an enhanced Mobile Friendly user experience designed specifically for in-the-field accessing the Temeda App while using a smart phone. The Mobile Friendly version is designed to be responsive and intuitive from any device, adapting the App you know already to the screen size limitations on a smart phone.

This Mobile Friendly version of the Temeda App creates an entirely different user experience for both Android and Apple IOS smart phones. We have simplified the process of finding your Assets and showing them on the Map, viewing Asset Details, Alerts and Service Reminders, and viewing/logging Maintenance. You also have the ability to switch back and forth to the responsive Desktop version or the new Mobile Friendly version of the Temeda App.

Temperature Sensor

2.5.0 Temp Sensors

Temeda App 2.5.0 also provides the ability to attach a Temperature Sensor probe to a Calamp telematics device in order to record temperature. The device can be configured to report temperature every X minutes.

Recent Release Notes

OAuth 2.0 for API Authentication

Temeda has ensured our API Portal authentication security is up-to-date with OAuth 2.0. OAuth is the authentication mechanism used to provide you and your web developers secure delegated access to

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User Activity Dashboard

At Temeda, our objective is to help you achieve your goals: operating your fleets more efficiently, improving safety, minimizing downtime, maximizing utilization, reducing costs, or any other goal for your

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