Temeda Partners with Total ELD to Provide an ELD Solution

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate creates a safer work environment for drivers, and makes it easier and faster to accurately track, manage, and share duty status (RoDS) data records. ELDs capture engine run-time and translate it into operator drive-time to determine accurate service hours (HoS).

Temeda is proud to partner with Total ELD to provide a robust integrated solution.

Safety & Compliance

Using ELD helps promote safe driving and reduces Hours of Service (HoS) violations.

Temeda’s ELD solution alerts drivers and managers before violations occur. Eliminating paper logs helps save time and increase productivity.

Benefits of Temeda’s ELD Solution

  • Advanced Notification and Alerting
  • Automated Duty-Status Changes
  • International Rule-Set Compliance
  • Android and iOS Compatibility

Advanced Notification and Alerting

Total ELD gives drivers notice before rule violations, so they can remain compliant. Drivers can easily see at a glance how much time they drive and break and break time remains.

Automated Duty-Status Changes

With Total ELD’s built-in automatic status updates, drivers can focus on getting to their next destination safely and on time.

International Rule-Set Compliance

Temeda supports all rule-sets in the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

Temeda-Supported Electronic Logging Devices

  • CalAmp VEO3641LA-0000-G1000
  • PT40
  • LMU3640
  • LMU4230

Interested in Learning More?

Seamlessly transition to Temeda’s fleet management platform, with our customer support staff and robust training documentation.

For pricing information, please email Sales@Temeda.com.

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