Temeda Adds Surfsight’s AI-12 Connected Camera

Temeda is proud to now offer the AI-12 Connected Camera. Surfsight joins Temeda’s diverse Video-Telematics product catalog, as a lower-cost option for driver and road video recording. The AI-12’s powerful Qualcomm®Snapdragon™ Quadcore Processor ensures the device has the processing power it needs to provide simultaneous, real-time video feed transmission and monitoring of the multitude of integrated sensors. The camera system differentiates itself from competitors with its affordability, smart incident detection, and easy installation.

MV/AI technology Increases the Accuracy of Incident Detection

Surfsight’s Motor Vehicle Artificial Intelligence (MV/AI) technology allows it to be an industry leader in accurate incident detection and better in-cab audible coaching. Increase fleet manager productivity by spending less time sorting through videos without an incident. Improve driver safety with the In-Cab distracted driving alarm: the system’s automatic feedback upon detection of unsafe behavior provides immediate feedback for drivers, leading to safer driving over time.

Realtime Monitoring from a Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop

Managers can get a Live Look at their assets in-action and easily switch between cameras using the fully-functional Temeda mobile app or web app. Temeda provides the tools to monitor a fleet from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Active-Standby: Videos can upload without engine power

The AI-12’s Active-Standby feature allows video uploads to be completed with the engine off. Drivers no longer have to run out to their vehicle to start the engine to upload a video file.

In-Cab Touchscreen

The AI-12 camera has an in-cab touchscreen, with a back up mode when the vehicle is in reverse. Both the front and rear-facing cameras can be viewed on this screen, making calibrating easy during installation.

Easy Installation

The AI-12 can be connected to power using either a 2-wire harness (ground + power) or an OBDii cable, making powering the device easy. The AI-12 mounts easily on the front window.

Surfsight AI-12 Connected Camera

Network Data Global Bands
WiFi Ability to act as a hotspot
Cameras Road-facing and Driver-facing cameras
Front Camera 1080PHDadjustable viewing angle FOV(D)140°
Driver Facing Camera 720PHDwith integrated IR and adjustable viewing angle
Sensors • Braking • Acceleration • Speeding • Sharp Turns • Event Trigger Button • Tamper Alerts • Jolt • GeoFence
Battery/Hibernation Integrated battery, upon power disconnect, the camera will enter standby and will only record event and video if there is a sudden jolt when the car is turned off
Operating Temperature Operating: -32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C) Storage: 14°F to 185°F (-10°C to 85°C)
Anti-Tampering SD card and SIM card are locked and tamper-resistant
Power Hardwire kit is supplied with the AI-12 for continuous power. Optional to connect through OBD power adapter cable. (12-24V)
Storage/Memory 128GB High Endurance Industrial SD card is supplied with the AI-12. The AI-12 supports up to 512GB.
Over the Air Upgrade Supported
Speaker/Audible Alerts Built-in speaker for alerts and coaching
Record Button Enables drivers to capture events with the push of a button
Processor Qualcomm®Snapdragon™ Quadcore Processor

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