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Fully integrated into the Temeda App.Temeda now includes a full integration with SmartWitness vehicle-based video cameras with the ability to view real-time video and/or still images from remote assets.  Customers can access and view HD video footage, and still images, of video events/incidents triggered automatically by Shock, Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Breaking, Harsh Maneuver and a Panic Button.  Remote assets, especially fleet vehicles, expose companies to a large degree of liability and incorporating HD video and still image evidence in case of an accident or complaint can have a substantial impact on unwarranted claims and insurance premiums.

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We are receiving feedback that many operators are being compelled to add video camera safety equipment to obtain or renew their insurance.  In fact, Chris Pickles of Devereux Transport & Distribution stated:

“We put the system in our vehicles in June last year, mainly because our insurer had asked for what we felt was a higher than reasonable increase in our premium… we agreed to put the cameras in and the insurer agreed to reduce the premium!”

Others advise that this type of investment can be significantly reduced, in some cases to almost complimentary,  after considering multiple variables including insurance premiums, liability expenses and changes in operator behavior.  According to Janusz Kozlowski, Tristar Worldwide:

“The cameras have definitely improved the behavior of the chauffeurs because our at fault accident rate has reduced by almost half to about four or five accidents per month compared with the same five month period last year.  I would estimate we will save about $95,000 a year based on fewer accidents and because we will be less likely to be targeted by ‘cash for crash’ fraud.  We also expect our insurance premiums to reduce next year.”

These video enhancements are a tremendous selling opportunity and we want to engage our entire Dealer/Reseller Network to ramp up our sales efforts around this technology.  Our integration is a competitive advantage that we want to focus sales activity around.  We are currently consolidating our demonstration account so that we (you) can show potential customers our entire service offering through a single interface including SmartWitness cameras.To summarize:

  • Seamlessly Integrated Video with Full MRM Suite
  • Reports, Alerts, Geofences, History Trail, Analytics, etc
  • Event-Based and On-Demand HD Video Recording (In-Cab and in-App)
  • Video ‘Flagging’ Capability
  • Easy Install and Setup Procedure
  • Outstanding Customer Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Insurance coverage and other cost implications
    • Better management of accident claims & complaints

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