A new take on telematics and metadata.

Mobile Subscriptions and World Population

We are all connected to one another all day, every day, wherever we are. Enterprises are accustomed to their employees’ hyper connected-nature. This is a landmark year: the number of cellular subscriptions have now reached parity with human beings.Naturally, this is only the start. Just as people have been more tightly connected, so too will the machines. Lots of them. Billions of machines will work closely with one another to provide higher efficiencies, more productivity, less down time and entirely new business models. That’s where Temeda comes in.

The origin of the name ‘Temeda’ is an acronym for the words tele and metadata.

That is what Temeda provides. Meaningful information about data in the field — where the work gets done. In-context, rich, timely information filtered, prioritized and analyzed to assist operators and managers to run their machines better. By exception, rather than manual monitoring and constant review.

Temeda specializes in making over-the-road trucking more profitable, even for very small fleets with few operators. We help save money by reducing fuel waste, managing preventative maintenance schedules, and optimizing routes through analysis of dwell time and distance travelled. We help with compliance, to help operators pay only what is due in fuel, fuel tax and other usage metrics while ensuring reporting on drivers’ hours of service and soon we shall launch safe driver behavior reporting.

Our platform scales to large fleets, and related industries. For instance, our heavy equipment and asset management customers are able to measure performance and utilization by engine hours rather than miles driven. Our devices are highly ruggedized — up to IP67 rating — and operate in the harshest environments. They connect to the vehicle networks to provide detailed and near real time vehicle performance data so fleets can reduce costs, maximize performance and — most important —  focus on growing their businesses.

Our user interface is intuitive, responsive and efficient. It is based on a RESTful architecture, and Temeda APIs are available to customers to create new UIs and applications. This separation between the data and representation of data offers us tremendous flexibility in crafting, and customizing the user experience.

This is the first of many blog posts. We sha’ll be exploring the dynamics of the Internet of Things market generally, with special focus on and off road, powered and unpowered asset optimization. In future posts we shall share our understanding of market dynamics; describe our technical offerings in more detail; and help architect the future of the Internet of Things. We will invite esteemed experts in the industry to share their knowledge. We hope to educate and be educated through this engagement and to share our experiences lighting the world’s machines.

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