Enhance your Equipment Inspection Software with Temeda

Naperville, IL – October 20, 2020  Temeda is proud to announce enhancements to our suite of Equipment Inspection features.

Our Equipment Inspection Solution delivers an easy-to-use mobile experience. Operators can use the mobile app to complete inspections anywhere, and you can even make custom task lists straight from the mobile app. Get alerted if an inspection fails, and send the notification via SMS text or email to any number of contacts.

Get all your records of inspections and corrective actions in one place, and let everyone access it with unlimited user licenses.

The new digital Inspection workflow supports smartphone accessibility, operator safety, and automated failed inspection notifications.

Create Custom Inspection Task Lists

Admins can create custom Inspections with Temeda’s Inspections feature.

Select from pre-defined tasks or create custom tasks to make an inspection for any piece of equipment, from any manufacturer.

Complete Inspections in the mobile app

Equipment operators can access and complete Inspections in the mobile app. Inspections are automatically synced to the asset’s records.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Failed Inspection Alert notifications

When equipment fails an inspection, automatic alert notifications can be sent to your maintenance staff via SMS or email.

Equipment utilization automatically assigned

Automatically assign a driving record to the operator when they fill out the Pre-Inspection.

Easy-To-Find Inspection and Corrective Action records

All Inspection and Corrective Action records live in the asset’s Dashboard.


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