Project Example: Food Transportation Customer​

Perishable products, such as food and vaccines, are among the most heavily-regulated commodities. Yet, they often must travel for long distances, making transportation logistics complicated.

These challenges are compounded by the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), one component of which leaves carriers directly liable and responsible for human food cargo safety, even if they are third-party haulers.

The FSMA establishes a temperature threshold for food cargo. If container contents go above or below that threshold for a specified period of time, the food is considered tainted and unable to be sold. 

Temeda worked closely with several leading carriers to develop a real-time monitoring, reporting and alerting solution that enables them not only to ensure temperatures meet required thresholds but also to prove that a load was in compliance for its entire journey.

Temeda’s Temperature Tracking Kit (TTK) uses a temperature probe that monitors the temperature inside the unit. To avoid false readings that are not reflective of actual temperature changes, such as those common to providers whose technologies monitor air flow fluctuations, Temeda’s probes are encased in an inert, viscous substance. Only when the viscous casing around the probe changes temperature will an alert go off.

  • By default, the Temeda TKK produces a compliance report that is fully FSMA-compliant.
  • Customizable temperature thresholds and alert settings are also available, for granular temperature threshold management.
  • As with all Temeda technologies, data analysis and reporting can be further customized to meet specific client needs.


For haulers of perishable loads, the Temeda TTK is an invaluable element for compliance efforts. The TTK also integrates seamlessly with our monitoring and reporting solution for electronic logging devices/hours of service (ELD/HoS) mandate compliance.

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