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New Device Available: CalAmp’s LMU-3640 CAT M1

Temeda is happy to announce the addition of the LMU-3640 CAT M1 to its product catalog.

CalAmp’s LMU-3640 CAT M1 offers the same benefits as the LMU 3640 at a lower price. This advancement in IoT network technology means your business can get reliable, affordable tracking technology into your equipment.

CAT 1 and CAT M1 (LTE-M) modems allow more IoT traffic to fit in the same LTE network bandwidth than traditional LTE modems. This means LTE CAT 1 uses less network bandwidth, and CAT M1 uses significantly less.


Here’s a look at the cellular bands used by the LMU-3640 CAT M1 modem:


2100 (B1), 1900 (B2), 1800 (B3), AWS 1700 (B4), 850 (B5/B26), 900 (B8), 700 (B12/B13/B28), and 800 (B18/B19/B20), 1900 (B39/B25) MHz
GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

CalAmp’s 3640 family is a great option when engine data must be captured. Here’s a look at the compatible ECU interface standards:

Heavy-Duty Trucks

J1939, J1708

Light-Duty Vehicles

J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, SW-CAN, ISO 9141-2, KWP 2000, ISO 15765 CAN

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