Temeda’s New Look

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website and logo!


We’ve come so far in the 7 years since we first started, and we want to keep our image up-to-date with what we’ve done.  As leaders in fleet tracking and analytics, it is important for us to clearly present our features and capabilities to prospective and current customers.

Our new logo


What it means

Our new logo represents the data coming in from all of your machines, linking together and becoming more manageable. The hexagons represent data and stability, and we will be able to use this in the future to illustrate our features.

The “Temeda” text is similar to our old logo, but sharper and more consistent. The all-caps and “stencil” letters fit in with the “big boys” of construction, yet also identifies us as a tech company with thin, precisely-cut lines.

Why it is useful

The new logo and text is easy to scale up or down – it will remain crisp and easy to read on your phone, on the side of your equipment, or on a huge banner at a convention. The simple geometry of the logos and text is also easy to draw on screens, ensuring a clean and easy-to-read experience across all platforms.

New colors

This green is a dark, cool shade of green that will serve us well across our digital and physical material. It is dark enough to be readable on screens, and the colors will print consistently for our physical materials.

This green also won’t clash against the bright oranges, reds, and yellows that so many of our clients use. After all, it’s easier to co-brand when logos look good next to each other!

Our new website

We have developed such a broad range of features in our app, our old website could no longer communicate them effectively. This meant that users couldn’t always find the information they wanted, or didn’t realize that Temeda could fit their needs. Our new site focuses on speaking to our users more clearly, via the industries they’re in and the features they need.

In line with our ongoing commitment to excellent customer service, you should find our new website easier to use, with the information you need more accessible. You can easily view the website on any device, anywhere.

And, most importantly: we’ve included a guide for how “Temeda” is pronounced.


For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please email us!

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Naperville, IL and Carlsbad, CA – April 22, 2020 – Temeda, a Chicago-area Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provider, and Nova Mobile Systems, the wireless communications integrator, today announced completion of an integration between the Temeda telematics platform and Nova Mobile Systems’ Narrowband IoT(NB-IoT) and Cat-M GPS tracker, asset management and sensor devices. Nova offers the widest array of certified narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) devices in U.S., and its devices can read and transmit all data in the Temeda platform.

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Temeda Announces Integration for In-Vehicle Camera Leader SmartWitness

CHICAGO – March 10, 2020 – Temeda, a Chicago-area Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provider, today announced the debut of a new integration between the Temeda telematics platform and the industry-leading SmartWitness DDC-200 (driver distraction camera). SmartWitness, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of in-cab cameras, recorders and software, developed the device specifically to monitor equipment operator activities such as fatigue and distraction.

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Temeda Introduces New Vehicle and Equipment Inspection Feature for Fleet Managers and Operators

Chicago, IL – December 11, 2019 – Temeda, a Chicago area Industrial Internet of Things solutions provider, has introduced a new feature to its telematics application that promises to drastically decrease paperwork and provide immediate access to maintenance records. The new Vehicle and Equipment Inspection feature allows operators in the field to perform inspections from anywhere and submit them immediately. Temeda’s fully DOT compliant software solutions help commercial and industrial firms capture and utilize business intelligence for total lifecycle management, productivity optimization and operating cost minimization.

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