Temeda and LogiMove Announce IoT & Mobile Workflow Integration for Equipment Rental Industry

Temeda’s data intelligence will enable firms using the LogiMove Equipment Rental Curbside and Contactless Mobility Solution to significantly reduce time and increase accuracy when performing check-in, check-out and inspections.


Naperville, IL – July 8, 2020  Temeda, a Chicago-area Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provider, today announced the debut of a new integration between the Temeda telematics platform and the LogiMove Equipment Rental Curbside and Contactless Mobility Solution. Through the integration, Temeda IIoT sensors, which record an array of industrial equipment conditions including engine hours, fuel usage, engine info and more, can automatically transmit that information to the LogiMove platform triggering tasks and workflows. Using this data, the LogiMove processing engine can generate a snapshot of equipment status in real-time. This provides fieldworkers with actionable intelligence. The result reduces not only manual entry errors but also faster time to check rental equipment in and out as well as updating status back to the ERP/Rental system in real-time.

“This integration enables a seamless flow of information from the Temeda sensors to the LogiMove workflow interface,” said Temeda President and CEO Scott Morey. “Temeda customers – especially rental equipment firms – can utilize the LogiMove product to reap even greater benefit from their sensor data, including maintaining a historical archive to support sales analysis, performance trend metrics, and more.”

The Temeda-LogiMove integration also enables equipment firms to notify renters, on the spot, if the Temeda sensors are reporting issues, such as equipment damage that might have occurred during their rental period. If damage has occurred, the LogiMove platform can automatically kick off a workflow to order the Inspection.

“Temeda has acquired a stellar reputation among industrial operators for providing vital monitoring intelligence that promotes equipment longevity and efficiency,” said Josh Mosko, LogiMove Managing Director Americas. “Through the integration between Temeda and our intelligent mobile workflow solution, I am confident rental equipment owners and operators will achieve even greater equipment efficiency and reliability as well as enhance the customer experience.

About Temeda

Temeda is an industry-leading, software-driven company focused on building value in the industrial workplace. Developed, maintained, and supported by data specialists with deep expertise in the industries we serve, Temeda solutions capture and deliver the business intelligence that supports total lifecycle management, productivity optimization, and operating cost minimization, whether for a single asset or an entire fleet.

Temeda’s specialized reporting and visualization solutions leverage the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to help customers maximize the value in sensor and GPS data. Temeda also builds custom APIs — software connectors — to ensure compatibility with virtually any ERP, CMMS or other business intelligence systems. For more information, visit www.temeda.com.

About LogiMove

LogiMove is a global provider of customizable and low-code enterprise solutions that transform complex business processes into efficient workflows. Founded in August 2008 in Hamburg, Germany as CheckMobile GmbH, and since then have been the technology leader in offering clients mobile solutions to their field service operations.

We execute more than six million business processes per day for European Fortune 50 companies such as Hertz, Caterpillar, Media Saturn and Europcar. Our office locations span across Moscow, Hamburg, San Francisco, New York and Singapore. For more information, visit www.logimove.com.

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