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How can Temeda help you meet your Hours of Service and Electronic Logging Device requirements?

Hours of Service (HoS) was introduced by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1938 with the intent of reducing accidents caused by commercial vehicles due to driver fatigue by limiting the number of hours an operator is allowed to drive on a daily and weekly basis. Compliance with these regulations has been managed for years on …

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SmartWitness Camera Offering

Fully integrated into the Temeda App.Temeda now includes a full integration with SmartWitness vehicle-based video cameras with the ability to view real-time video and/or still images from remote assets.  Customers can access and view HD video footage, and still images, of video events/incidents triggered automatically by Shock, Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Breaking, Harsh Maneuver and a …

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Driver Safety Alerts

Utilizing Temeda’s robust Alert features, you can create Driver Safety Alerts to notify you or a designated employee via Email and/or SMS text. These Alerts will fit the exact needs of your company to manage and track Driver Safety for Mobiles you have deployed. Our Driver Safety Alert options measure speed, aggressive driving (fast starts, sudden …

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Introducing Temeda

A new take on telematics and metadata. We are all connected to one another all day, every day, wherever we are. Enterprises are accustomed to their employees’ hyper connected-nature. This is a landmark year: the number of cellular subscriptions have now reached parity with human beings.Naturally, this is only the start. Just as people have …

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