Save time, reduce physical paperwork, and see everything in one place with Inspections.

Inspect vehicles and equipment prior to use, in order to verify safety and integrity. Submit inspections from the field and view it anywhere when you look at the asset.

Temeda Vehicle Inspections are DOT compliant and were created to be flexible for your fleet. Compliant with Electronic Code of Federal Regulations §396.11.

Inspections On-The-Go

Operators in the field can use the Temeda mobile app to conduct the inspection and upload photos/documents of potential safety concerns.

Use your phone’s speak-to-text feature to easily add comments. Fleet operations can assess the inspections in real-time, and take appropriate action for vehicles with warnings or  failed inspections. Fleet managers and Service techs can verify that corrective actions were taken for Assets with failed inspections.

How to Use Inspections

Customize your inspections with any number or type of task, and mark each task as “Pass” or “Fail”. Failed inspections have two levels of severity: “Warning”, or “Fail”.

  • A “Warning” means that there are minor defects, but the unit is safe to operate and immediate repair is not required.
  • A “Failed” inspection has a major defect, where the unit is NOT safe to operate or requires immediate service.

Modernize your vehicle inspection process and get access to all your vehicle inspections from anywhere.

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