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The Temeda Ecosystem

Temeda is growing our partner network. We consolidate and manage the complexity of the telematics needs of your customer base, helping you expand your business.

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Your customers gain access to the entire Temeda business solution suite.

Robust Telematics Software

Gather and consolidate data on your entire fleet of mixed assets in one single piece of software.

Telematics Service Bus

Temeda's system that takes in data from your asset and transforms it into usable information for your customers.

Live Customer Support and In-Depth Help & Training

Temeda makes sure you have all the help and training your customer base needs.

Custom Alerts and Reports

Turn your raw data into actionable intelligence.

Full Mobile App

Utilize the full power of the Temeda solution from your mobile device.

Maintenance and Inspections

Keep track of your fleet's maintenance schedule and plans in Temeda's robust maintenance module.Operators can use the mobile app to complete inspections anywhere, and you can even make custom task lists straight from the mobile app.

Join our team

  • Customer Discovery & Onboarding Process Experience 
  • Turn Key/Semi Custom/Custom SaaS 
  • Designed to Integrate with Every Manufacturers Hardware: Morey, Cal Amp, Global Star, Quake Mobile, XirgoSmart Witness, Whatever Our Customers Need. 
  • White Label User Interface Option 
  • Sales Support 
  • Account Managers & Team of Customer Support 
  • Full Turn Key Solution or Selective Services Offering 
    • Hardware Provisioning, Sales 
    • Cellular Service Contract and Management 
    • Back End Data Management 
    • Data Push Service / API Pull 
    • User Interface 
    • Device Management 
    • Custom Support: Level 1 (and / or) Level 2 (and / or) Level 3 
  • Hardware Installation Training & Support 
  • Asset Specific Data Element Productization 
  • Custom Product Development 
  • Customize User Interface 
  • Integration with OEM Hardware via AEMP Standard data feed 
  • Customer Direct Billing or Sub Contract Billing 

Wide range of integrations

Temeda’s robust back-end engineering means that customer’s existing systems can integrate seamlessly into our apps. 

Other methods of integrations are also available upon request.

Active Directory / Single Sign-On

Easily add or remove users with Active Directory — or use Single Sign-On (SSO) to provide quick and secure access to authorized platform users.

ERP Integration

Temeda can integrate telemetry data with asset data housed in our customer’s system, which allows for synced and accurate data between systems.

Customers can use this type of integration to expand on the data displayed in Temeda, automatically structure their hierarchy, and more!

3rd Party Maintenance Systems

Temeda can integrate with 3rd party maintenance systems to share or display data. 

For example, Temeda can streamline a mechanic’s site workflow by creating a map of machines with maintenance alerts (automatically pulled from a customer’s maintenance system).

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