Mixed Fleet Tracking

Do you have "one of everything" in your mixed fleet?

Gain a unified view of all of your assets with Temeda, regardless of equipment type.

Track anything with an engine (and anything without an engine!)

We can tag and track any piece of heavy equipment from any vendor. Our customers seamlessly use a wide variety of equipment: powered and unpowered, on-road and off-road, and OEM and aftermarket telematics devices.

Temeda can even connect with third-party platforms to provide integrated data drill-downs: integrations include Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and more. As an industry leader in technology-driven visibility and insight, we’ve developed deeply-detailed reports, dashboards and other easily consumable data feeds that will tell your clients and partners what they want to know about your entire mixed fleet.

Read the story of one construction firm who used Temeda technology to tag and track a vast array of heavy equipment, from 30-year-old cranes to brand-new cranes, skid steers, backhoes, and even excavators (from five different manufacturers!).

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