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Save money with Maintenance and Inspection Intelligence

Let us show you how.

Ensure that your machines will be down for repairs less often. Stay ahead of safety issues that arise from wear and tear with Temeda’s integrated Maintenance module.

Automated Maintenance Logistics

Temeda has solved the logistics of maintenance schedules for any fleet size and any asset type, using intelligent automation.

If you have on-staff vehicle maintenance done, your employees can use Temeda’s Inspection App to identify problems and keep digital records of the work that’s done. They can record when in-app maintenance checklists are completed, and use their phone’s camera to keep a visual record of anything significant.

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Benefits of Temeda's Maintenance Module

  • Ensure that you meet safety regulations with a history trail of asset maintenance
  • Minimize depreciation of all assets with historical maintenance records, improving resell value of your entire fleet
  • Use the phone app to identify problems and keep digital records of the work that’s done. 
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