Utilize Realtime Job Costing

Do you see your actual Job Costing days or even weeks after the work is completed?

Temeda enables realtime costing allowing you to monitor operating cost for each machine, group of machines, or by job. 

Customize your reports for your unique business needs:

Bid Price

Adjust costing, based on bid price and quantities.

Machine Type

Specify machine type, make, model, and dollar cost per hour

Job Requirements

Configure your report for the entire job or specific activities within the job.

Immediate and Accurate

Accurate and immediate data is drawn directly from the equipment’s engine — less guesswork and waiting.

By assigning a billing rate to each asset, you can bill for actual work done on a daily basis.

You can know hour by hour, day to day if you are making money on every job, while protecting against unpaid usage.

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