Driver can’t find the vehicle they are looking to start a trip with:

  1. The Asset has not been Enabled in (see section 2 of the ELD-AOBRD Customer Account Setup Guide dealing with asset creation).
  2. The vehicle is already on a trip with another driver. Only one vehicle can be assigned to an active trip at a time. Once a vehicle is used for a trip, it will not be selectable by anyone else until their trip is closed and complete.

Vehicle Odometer is incorrect in eTrack Certified

  1. The telematics device is not receiving vehicle odometer directly from the engine bus. To resolve this; from the Driver Dashboard in eTrack Certified > options (this looks like 3 dashes in the top left corner of the screen next to the drivers name) > ECM Connection > Manually Set Odometer > type in the vehicles odometer > Save. Your manually set odometer will now display on your dashboard.