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20 Things You Can Do With Odometer, Engine Hours, and Location in Temeda

Join the webinar   You don’t need large, complex sets of data elements to use many of Temeda’s most powerful tools and features. Even with the most basic 3-wire install, Temeda offers a large range of reports, alerts, maintenance tracking elements, safety features and more. Come learn everything you can do with just the basics.

Focused On Safety: How Temeda Improves Fleet & Driver Safety

Many companies accentuate the care of their resources - both in use of equipment and the people that use them - by how they address safety within their business. Temeda offers products and tools to monitor and help prevent dangerous activities within a fleet.   Join the webinar

Heavy Duty VS Light Duty

Temeda supports solutions that target both the heavy industrial and light duty markets. In this presentation, we will compare On-road vs Off-road Customer profiles/needs, and what applications Temeda can be used for in each.

Heavy Industrial: Bigger Deals, Less Competition, More Opportunity

Temeda not only competes in the fleet transportation side of market, but also focuses heavily on the heavy industrial market where the opportunity is vast, and largely under-realized. This presentation will focus on why you should embrace targeting the Construction market for more business, how Temeda has won deals, and how we can win deals …

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Understanding that maintenance is a critical element for fleet performance, this session is focused on explaining how the Temeda platform helps Fleet and Operation Managers maximize their assets while taking a proactive approach to productivity and cost reduction. Temeda’s Maintenance Module has everything your customer needs to track and maintain their assets health and performance …

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Temeda Overview

Temeda is an ever-expanding platform of useful tools, products, and services built for the Equipment Rental, Heavy Equipment, Transportation, Rail, and Oil/Gas industries. This presentation will focus on the features / new capabilities of the Temeda app used for these markets, at a high level.

Dashboards: Fleet Overview, Maintenance

One the most under-valued aspects of a customer’s experience when using a fleet management platform is their actual day-to-day interaction with the User Interface (UI). The ease of use, visual experience, and level of intuitive navigation, all lend themselves directly to the level of interest, longevity, and use of the product. For this, Temeda has …

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